Pre-Spring Bold Predictions

Inspired by a fellow co-worker who asked me to give him a no-BS prediction for how the season was going to go for Michigan this year, I've decided to write up a whole post filled with not only pre-spring game-by-game W/L predictions, but some personnel predictions as well.


• Demar Dorsey will see the field early in 2010, perhaps by the end of September. Where? Safety.

• JT Turner will start at CB in Donovan Warren's spot. JT Floyd at the other spot.

• Jordan Kovacs will be in the starting rotation for the spring game at safety, but will not be the starter by the end of September, Dorsey will replace him. He could however shift to the hybrid LB/S position vacated by Stevie Brown. But he'll have a tough time getting any playing-time ahead of Marvin Robinson.

• Troy Woolfolk will return to safety where he belongs.

• Jonas Mouton and Obi Ezeh will be drastically improved.

• Our defensive line will be rock solid with Van Bergen, Roh, Campbell and Martin. We might not miss Brandon Graham as much as people think we will.


• Forcier and Robinson will continue to alternate at the QB position early in the season. But by the Michigan State game, we will have explored using Denard at both RB and slot...with moderate success.

• Devin Gardner will red-shirt 2010.

• David Molk will earn all-Big Ten honors at the center position if he can remain healthy.

• Vincent Smith will return to the lineup in-time for the opener, but will still be feeling effects from his off-season ACL surgery.


• UConn: Win
• ND: Win
• BGSU: Win
• UMass: Win
• Indiana: Win
• Sparty: Win
• Iowa: Win
• Penn State: Loss
• Illinois: Win
• Purdue: Win
• Wisconsin: Loss
• tOSU: Loss

Yes, you're eyes don't deceive you. 9-3 is my very early, pre-spring BOLD prediction for 2010. A New Year's Day Bowl is in our future!

Keep in mind though, that I have really no idea what I'm talking about. Go Blue!


  1. The only way we go 9-3 is if rich/rod resigns and Lloyd Carr takes over. Michigan football is at an all time low and the hillbilly from WV doesn't have a clue about coaching. Brian Kelly is going to be sure we lose in S.Bend this year too. No way do even play 500 ball with the coaching jerks in place.

  2. It's interesting to Forcier and will continue to replace Robinson at QB position early in the season., May in the next game will be much debated in, do let us also predict the final outcome will How changes.
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