Friday News

Once again, real life has been getting in the way of my blogging! But since the season is over...there's not much to report on, so the timing is working out.

One of these days we're going to get around to posting a season-wrap up type of post. Or at least some original content. But it ain't gonna be this day. So here's whats going on in the world of Michigan football...bullet style.

• At the annual football bust last evening, Brandon Graham once again took the award for team MVP for a second straight year (first time for a defensive player). For a more complete list of awards and notes from the event, Michigan Sports Center has their own bullet list.

• Also in football bust news, Greg from MVictors was in attendance and took in the well as some cocktails.

• Junior CB Donovan Warren is leaning heavily towards going pro. If he leaves, the top three players from Michigan's rather stogy defense will all be gone next season (Graham, Warren and Brown). Yikes!

• Freshman RB Vincent Smith tore his ACL in the final game against tOSU. He will miss spring camp but is expected to be ready for next season. For a RB, an ACL tear is pretty awful, especially for a guy who is expected to be the starter next year. I don't think he needs surgery, but the recovery will be slow.

• In a kind of surprising move, Notre Dame has turned down a bowl. The team voted after the loss to Stanford, and the firing of their head coach. The AD said he would take the team's vote into account in his decision to send them to a bowl or not. And it seems he has decided to agree with them.

Some folks think QB Jimmy Clausen is all but gone, as well as WR Golden Tate. All I can say is, see ya! All of the sudden it seems the comedy of 2009 could turn into the tragedy of 2010. And of course, the head coaching rumors are swirling quite nicely.

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