Incoming: Jordan Paskorz, Exciting 2010 Schedule News

Work/real life has been pretty crazy these past couple weeks. Even now that I have a couple minutes to get a chance to post here, I still don't know when it will finally slow down at least a little bit. So I am taking this small opportunity to update us on some of the recent news.

First of all, welcome Jordan Paskorz!

Michigan picked up this verbal last week, but of course we're just getting around to posting about him now. He's a 6-4, 225 lb. LB/DE from Allison Park, PA. He had received offers from Michigan, Minnesota, Pitt, Virginia and Bowling Green (more on them later). Rivals and Scout both rank him at 3-stars. Actually, Rivals lists him as a Weakside DE...which I think is odd that they would be so specific about a high school athlete, given that once he gets to Michigan, its really a toss up where on the defensive line/backfield he'll eventually end up. Either way...he's a welcome addition to the 2010 class and we're happy to have him coming to AA.

Speaking of recruiting...Michigan hosted their 2nd annual BBQ at the Big House this past Saturday. News is still filtering out as to what actually went down and how many recruits were in attendance. Initial estimates put the number of recruits at about 24 or so.

This is a tradition started last year by Rodriguez and staff to bring potential recruits (mostly HS juniors) and their families to Ann Arbor to meet the staff, see the facilities and get to know each other a little bit. I am a big fan of this. First of all, it gets the families and coaches together in a friendly informal atmosphere to talk and discuss their sons opportunities. And mostly, it's a great setting for an event such as this. Nothing sells the program better than grilled brats on the 50 yard line of the biggest football stadium in the world with Rodriguez proclaiming to them, "This could all be yours!"

When the Big House is finally finished and ready for the 2010 season, we will get to see two pretty bland opponents as part of the non-conference schedule. UMass and Bowling Green have been added to the 2010 campaign as home games. UMass will travel to the Big House on September 18th, and BGSU will be the following week on the 25th. Neither will be the opener for the 2010 season...that is still being decided. Hoepfully a decent opponent will be hosted to celebrate the opening of the newly completed renovation.

Right now the 2010 season looks like this...

9/4 - OPEN
9/11 - at Notre Dame
9/18 - vs. Massachusetts
9/25 - vs. Bowling Green
10/2 - at Indiana
10/9 - vs. Michigan State
10/16 - vs. Iowa (HC)
10/23 - BYE
10/30 - at Penn State
11/6 - vs. Illinois
11/13 - at Purdue
11/20 - vs. Wisconsin
11/27 - at Ohio State

For the record, as a graduate of THE Bowling Green State University, I can not complain about the Falcons being added to the schedule. Sure, it ain't sexy...but when those orange and brown helmets come running out of the'll feel the goosebumps! These two teams met for the first time on Sept. 2, 2000, resulting in a 42-7 Michigan victory.

As for UMass...well, I guess we just need to get used to the fact that FCS opponents on the schedule is going to be a reality for the foreseeable future. Blah.

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