Outgoing: Shavodrick Beaver

We're about 3 days late to the party on this news...so we'll just leave the details up to others who stomped all over this as it came out on Friday.

mgoblog breaks news that Beaver is not coming, and going to Conference USA. MLive follows up with the "official" story via MVictors. Michigan Sports Center offers up their variation of the news. Bo Schemblogger says that Beaver was "affraid". WLA says "this hurts". And finally, Spawn of MZone is, like, WTF?

I, however was away from this site long enough on Friday/Saturday/Sunday to 1) Unearth my house and driveway from the 12 inches of snow piled ontop of it. 2) Not care enough to crack out the notebook to author a post of my reaction.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a little taken back by this news. Although I am not totally upset by it. Why? Maybe because I saw the writing on the wall a week or so ago. Word was he was wavering. No question there is a serious issue at hand here when a 4-star prospect chooses Tulsa over Michigan. Maybe Tulsa is "taking care of him" with a little under the table deal. Hey, I'm not naive enough to think that stuff doesn't go on. Sure, Tulsa is closer to home...but so it EVERY SCHOOL IN THE BIG 12!!!!

So yeah, somethings really up here.

Maybe he doesn't want to compete for the job? Maybe he knows he'd play backup to Tate Forcier. Both would have enrolled early. The playing field would've been even, so maybe he was scared. Who's to say? All I know is, we need another QB in the class. Because I really don't want to see Steven Threet's name in the two-deep next season.

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  1. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Better be scared, because if the offensive line plays the same way they did last year, Tate's legs will be broke.