Super Tuesday

This Tuesday is super indeed! If for no other reason that it marks my return to the blogging world, after what most would describe as a tumultuous life event. I won't bore you with the details, but rest assured that this blog will hopefully never go through a posting drought the likes of which we've just witnessed.

So, whats new with Michigan football? Signing day is tomorrow. And unless you've been under a rock lately, you know that the most hyped recruit in quite some time is rumored to be making his decision tomorrow. Tyrelle Pryor will announce on ESPN whether he will attend Michigan or Ohio State.

Usually there would be some word as to which way he is leaning...but this is truly an interesting one knows anything. has a rundown of commits so far. The standouts of the group are McGuffie, JT Floyd, Terrence Robinson and Darryl Stonum.

But the real ace will be Pryor. If OSU lands him, that will be very bad. I would hate to have to line up against that guy for the next 3 years. But it sounds like he may have to wait a year to play in Columbus, where as he would be the immediate starter in Ann Arbor.

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