Two Weeks Departed

I know, I know. Its been a couple weeks off for Scot Loeffler Inc. But I assure you, I haven't been absent from the two great victories by our beloved Wolverines the last two weeks. I just started a new job...and have been immersed in a brave new world, and thus, my posting frequency to this blog has suffered.

And you, the loyal reader, is paying the price.

As I settle down into my new life, I hope to be able to juggle my ever-expanding workload, and the previous free-time that I once enjoyed.

And now...on to the latest.

No, I did not attend the last two home games. So my record in attendance so far this year remains at 0-2. Hopefully we can make it back to at least .500, but my fall's social agenda seems to be filling up.

My first impressions after two weeks is that, obviously the defense is doing better. Much better. No touchdowns in two games. No matter who you are or who you play, that's good. For some reason, Terrance Taylor and the rest of the defensive line remembered how to rush the passer. And lets not assume that some, or most of those aren't coverage sacks. I'm sure at least a few are.

But I think college football fans all over the country learned three things the past two weeks: Jimmy Clausen, Anthony Morelli and Dan Connor are all overrated. Jimmy and Anthony especially. I'll give Connor some cred for usually playing well, but who has Penn State beaten this season? Exactly.

On the other side of the ball, Ryan Mallett is the real deal. He's got a vision and arm that most freshman just don't have yet. He needs to work on his mobility (Navarre anyone?), and of course the mental clock that goes off in you head when you know its time to run out of the pocket.

I love Mike Hart. Is he a Heisman candidate? Absolutely. Is he a Heisman winner? Not yet. His guaranteed win over ND, and actually delivering it, earned him a ton of praise and cred from the national media. But then again...the national media is rarely right about who should win the Heisman.

Anyways, this week, Michigan's Achilles heel is going to be back this weekend in the form of Northwestern's spread offense. Sure, this is the same NW team that got trounced by an inconsistent Ohio State team last week. And since the game this week is on the BTN, and I'll be golfing anyway...I'll just have to leave this one up to the college football gods to work out. I really like our chances though.

I doubt I'll have time to give a detailed description and preview of Northwestern, but then again, if you're the kind of fan who needs an in-depth breakdown of NW, then you're probably not the demo that I'm going for. Stick to the basics and keep it simple, that's how Scott Loeffler rolls.

See you next week. Go Blue!

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